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Contemporary Issues in the Islamic World The Indonesian Perspective

15 May 2015

Editors: Cheyne Scott, Irfan Abubakar
Synopsis: As result of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, followed by the continued wars in Afganistan and Iraq, Islam and Muslim are now under the scruity of the international community like never before. The recent string of terrorist attacks around the world has spread fear of Muslim and spurred some parties to despise them.

For others though, recent events have inspired them to search for the true meaning of Islam. Efforts by this later group are critical to prospects of peaces: without such effort the widening gap between the West and the Muslim World will only increase. This book is a collection of fourteen articles written by respected academics in the field of Islamic Studies in Indonesia. It attemps to clarify some misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and further aims to promote dialogue within and between Muslim and non-Muslim circles about issues that have become hot topics of debate around the world.

Weight: 350 gr

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